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By | November 5, 2019

Today our life is encircled by technology. We are using technology in one or another way. Technology has made our life quite simple and easy. The demand for technology is increasing day by day. Now, even the homes are getting smart like our mobiles.

By keeping these needs in mind Hero Homes has launched smart homes for smart buyers. Hero Homes is providing all the smart features you are looking forward to a home in sector 104 Gurgaon. Let’s discuss this one by one.


This is the first thing that comes to our mind when we plan to buy a home. Everyone wants to own a home that should have the maximum level of security. Advancement of technology helps us in including it in the security system of our homes. Hero Homes provide Application based home security system along with Finger Print door locks and video door phone. Using an application, you will be able to control the entire security system of your home, sitting anywhere in the world.


Lighting is an important part of our homes. Hero Homes offers you the option of controlling the entire lighting system of your home from anywhere. You will be able to check the status and control lighting from your bedroom for all other rooms. It makes life quite comfortable. You can also specify timings as well for switching on & off the lightings of your home. This could include a specific room in the home or all the rooms.


You can also control the entertainment systems of your home like TV, Home theater system. Mostly entertainment features are used to refine the environment of the home. Soothing music will definitely welcome the residents after a stressful workday. You can control the music while working in the kitchen as well.

Hero homes provide you a home fully loaded with automation features. You can control the security, lighting & entertainment from anywhere. If you forget a fan running while leaving for the office, you will be able to check the status while working in the office and can switch it off as well. The blend of technology in the homes is definitely a big step taken by Hero Homes.

Smart home technology is also known as Home automation. It provides the owner’s security, comfort, and convenience by letting them control smart devices. Smart home systems and devices frequently function together and automate activities based on the homeowners’ preferences. So upgrade your lifestyle using Home automation technology with Hero Homes Gurgaon Dwarka Expressway.

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